Saturday, March 15, 2008

Carroll Park Parkhouse

Smith Street, between Carroll and President Streets
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This 1928 picture of the Carroll Park Comfort Station shows a central open area and entry to the park that wonderfully frames the park.

All plans and drawings related to park improvements post-1933 are housed in the NYC Parks and Recreational Department’s Map File Division, located at their design and construction building known as the Olmsted Center in Flushing Meadows, Corona Park. All park plans prior to 1934 are housed at the Municipal Archives.

According to records at the Parks Department Map File Division, there is a drawing dated 1935 for “alterations to the Comfort Station” that illustrates new walls and foundations in the center section between the restrooms. The floor plan labels it as a “Playroom.” The park received an overall redesign and renovation in 1935-36. Does anyone know when the Carroll Park Comfort Station was originally constructed, as it may be sometime before I can research.

The brick parkhouse was again renovated in 1994 upon completion of a major refurbishing of the park in 1993. Additional funds from the City of New York were secured, thanks to the help of City Council Member Steve DiBrienza, to renovate the parkhouse. In a ceremony on November 24, 1997, the parkhouse was named in memory of Robert Scott Acito, a former District Manager of Brooklyn Community Board 6. Link to Robert Acito Parkhouse

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