Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Carroll Gardens Courtyard Activities

The Department of Transportation refuses to ticket illegally parked cars in the “courtyards.” They claim they have no enforcement agents. Their legal department is evaluating this problem, but this is only just part of the problem. I would also like your thoughts on if there should be legislation to clarify what elements, including tents, porticos, retaining walls, etc., that can be constructed in the courtyards.

Sidewalk cafes are regulated by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs. I think that courtyards with a commercial overlay, on the Place block corners on Court Street and the corners of President, Carroll and Second Streets, which are conducting commercial activity in their courtyards, should also be regulate by DCA. After all, the courtyards are owned by the City and considered part of the street.

If anybody would get hurt while shopping at one of the stores that use their courtyard, such as Mazzone Hardware, or while eating and drinking at one of the food establishments or beer gardens that serve in their courtyard, there is no indemnification for the City, and it would be liable. This is why the Department of Consumer Affairs should regulate any restaurant, bar, or other commercial activity that operates in a courtyard on the Place blocks on Court Street and on President, Carroll and Second Steets.

Portico in a couryard at 1st Place

Mazzone True Value - 4th Place & Court Street

PJ Handley's - 4th Place & Court Street

Dunkin Donut - 1st Place & Court Street
Gowanus Yacht Club - President & Smith Streets

3rd Place & Court Street. This building is for sale and the realtor mentions the availability of the use of the courtyard.

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